Know Your Smoke: The Dangers of Fire Smoke Exposure, is a life-saving training program for firefighters and first responders focused on the dangers of fire smoke and how to prevent and treat the exposure if it occurs. The Coalition presents the program monthly throughout the United States. For those who cannot attend on-site training, Coalition experts and instructors created the Virtual Smoke Symposium – a condensed online training version that can guide departments through the process of understanding the need for change and how to make changes in operational procedures to insure the safety and longevity of their firefighters.

The program includes:

(1) Fire Smoke: Perceptions, Myths & Misunderstandings
(2) Atmospheric Monitoring on Every Fire Scene
(3) ”Out of Air” – a comprehensive overview of air management
(4) ”Aftermath” – a comprehensive review of smoke inhalation treatment
(5) Long Term Health Effects of Fire Smoke Exposure

To register for an on-site training event in your city or state, visit for venue details. Members of the Coalition may also participate in the virtual program by requesting a 30-day link from the Coalition for review and / or training.