With more than 250,000 impressions annually, firefirefighters are utilizng the Fire Smoke Coalition’s web site to learn about deadly toxicants in fire smokes and the tactics/standardsproducts required to prevent exposure. Join the Coalition’s mission to educate firefighters about how to prevent exposure to the deadly toxicants in fire smoke.

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  • RAE Systems
  • RescueAir Systems

Breath carbon monoxide is the level of carbon monoxide in a person’s exhalation. It can be measured by testing using a carbon monoxide breath monitor (breath CO monitor). This test is designed for smoking cessation and as a clinical aid in assessing carbon monoxide poisoning.

Smiths Detection is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of sensors that detect and identify explosives, weapons, chemical agents, biohazards, nuclear and radioactive material, narcotics and contraband.

RescueAir offers the world’s first built-in firefighter air replenishment system (FARS). It is designed for complex structures such as high-rise buildings, large horizontal structures and tunnel systems, where delivering air in an emergency situation presents unique challenges to fire departments. To learn more, visit .

RAE Systems is a leading global provider of rapidly deployable connected, intelligent gas detection systems that enable real-time safety and security threat detection.