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Fire Smoke – the Cultural Change

Following “Know Your Smoke” training sessions, there are at least a dozen inquiries after firefighters take the education back to their departments.  Take a few minutes to view this video.  It will help you understand how to be the “change agent” in your department – and also help you lay the foundation for changing the […]

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Fort Collins and Phoenix Wrap-Up

The Coalition presented “Know Your Smoke” in Fort Collins and Phoenix in February.   According to those who attend this training, it is “life-changing” and “life-saving.”  Here are a few of the highlights. Phoenix Fire Department – Special Operations Center During the burn smoke practical session, a 5-gallon lid was heated.  As you will see […]

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HCN & CO: Combustible Material Fire Smoke and Air Monitoring

During the Tarrant County Smoke Symposium, Dr. Donald Walsh and Captain Jason Krusen led live burn training to reveal the dangerous levels of HCN and CO present during the burning of everyday household items.  White white paper is now available.  For those who don’t believe in HCN on your fireground- this is a must read.  […]

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No Fire, Gas Detection & Another Life Saved

Springdale, AR:  Station one received a 911 call for an unconscious/unresponsive male at a local poultry production plant. We sent a typical response of an engine and a medic unit. They arrived on scene and found a male patient down and unresponsive. They started to treat the call like a typical cardiac event. They hooked […]

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“Know Your Smoke” Virtual Preview

The Coalition simply cannot meet the demand for all training requests for “Know Your Smoke” and therefore the instructors created a virtual training opportunity.  This is a great program for departments that want to do departmental training.  Flexible in nature, it can be viewed online or you can also create on-site training as, once purchased, all files are […]

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