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Rob Schnepp: What is Fire Smoke?

Rob Schnepp shares the truth about Fire Smoke. This is a preview of the Virtual Smoke Symposium and available to members for a limited time only. Click here to watch 7-minute video.

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Chesterfield Fire & EMS

Rick Edinger, Chesterfield Fire & EMS, shared the following document, which is the basis for change in fireground operations as a result of its acceptance of fire smoke toxicity and the hazard it has on firefighters.  Please take a moment to read and share with your department. Chesterfield Fire & EMS

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Firefighter Exposure to Airborne Contaminants

For those looking for comprehensive research relative to airborne contaminants (PAH), etc., and the contamination of PPE, this is a Part I of a comprehensive research project in Australia. Firefighter Exposures to Airborne Contaminants during Extinguishment of Simulated Residential Room Fires

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Fire Smoke / PPE Research Project

The research project, started after a discussion about the field application of (GC/MS) to the fire service related to firefighter safety and fire investigations with representatives from Smiths Detection and approximately 20 first responders during a workshop in Danbury, Connecticut in February 2013.  A collaborative research project was initiated. One of the research questions was: […]

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Perils of Smoke and Wildland Firefighters

James Greenwood, Boise Fire Department, spent 13 years as a wildland firefighter before moving to structural firefighter.  He and his crew were part of a NIOSH study exploring the health effects of smoke on wildland firefighters. Read Perils of Smoke and Wildland Firefighters

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