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HCN – Treatment SOP

Robert Marschall, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue, shares its HCN treatment protocol in place.  This is a comprehensive SOP that will answer many questions submitted to the Coalition about how and when a person / firefighter should be treated when exposed to fire smoke.

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FF Treated with Cyanokit

Fire Fighter Exposure to Fire Smoke Resulting in Treatment with Cyanokit HCFR (Hillsborough County Fire Rescue) responded to a single alarm assignment to a shed fire.  The shed upon arrival had no exterior still intact and the roof was collapsed onto the contents.   There was very windy conditions at the time of the early morning fire.  […]

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“Know Your Smoke”

While hundreds and thousands of  fire smoke toxicants are associated with disease and cancer that do not have immediate, but long term impact, there are two that Coalition  instructors reinforce –  namely, HCN and CO.  Why?  Because HCN chips away at the heart and brain, either chronically or acutely and CO kills the red blood […]

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Bob Marschall and Peter Lamb Podcast – Smoke Treatment and More

Peter Lamb hosted Robert Marschall, Hillsborough Fire & Rescue and Coalition Instructor to discuss appropriate fire smoke treatment and preventing the exposure.  This is a listen and learn podcast – most especially for paramedics.  The question becomes:  Is your department prepared to appropriately treat you if you are exposed to fire smoke?  Or, is the […]

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CO Breathalyzer – MicroCO

Few visiting the FDIC booth this year were familiar with MicroCO, a CO breathalyzer.  Having field tested the MicroCO in Florida, Coalition instructors felt it worthwhile to share product information as it is easily used and much less expensive than other devices of this type – and it works.  The following information may be helpful as introductory […]

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