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Shawn Longerich

Executive Director

Fire Smoke Coalition, Inc.

323 North Delaware Street

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Direct Dial:   317.690.2542


The mission of the Fire Smoke Coalition is to focus the required attention and resources on the deadly and life-long consequences of breathing  fire smoke by teaching firefighters and first responders how to Prevent, Protect, Detect, Diagnose, and appropriately Treat the exposure if it occurs.  The Coalition is comprised of firefighters and the medical community – all who embrace the challenge of teaching firefighters how to stay alive – and prevent the disease, illness and death associated with today’s deadly fire smoke.

Board of Directors


Jason Krusen

Vice President

Rob Schnepp


Fire Smoke Coalition, Inc. | 450 East 96th Street, Suite 500 | Indianapolis, IN 46240 | Direct Dial: 317.690.2542