Preview Virtual Smoke Symposium

The new Virtual Smoke Symposium is a comprehensive online tool to fill  the gap in the Coalition’s mission when instructors are not available to present to your department.

The curriculum includes:

Fire Smoke:  Perceptions, Myths and Misunderstandings, led by Asst. Chief Rob Schnepp, who comprehensively explains fire smoke, combustion chemistry, the need for a complete understanding to protect yourselves from exposure and the truth about
CO and HCN.

HCN:  The New CO, led by Capt. Jason Krusen, well known for taking his department through the investgation and research required to establish departmental SOG’s for atmospheric monitoring.  Capt. Krusen details the strategic plan utilized to implement the SOG’s, the surprises encountered with hydrogen cyanide, and the absolute need to deploy atmospheric monitroing equipment on every fireground scene.

HCN & CO:  Long Term Health Effects, hosted by EMS Chief Bruce Evans.  Bruce discusses research and data to substantiate the need for protecting yourself from fire smoke, most especially as it relates to HCN, CO, and aldehydes and the long term neurological impact of chronic and acute exposures.

A Cancer Survivor’s Story, is delivered by Shelby Willis, Division Chief of EMS, Largo Fire & Rescue.  Shelby details her story about thyroid cancer, the problems their department faced with thryoid cancers and conditions, firefighter cancer research and presumptive legislation.

The Symposium will include an instructor’s outline with talking points to guide the program.  Understanding all departments differ, the Coalition can also customize the Symposium to accurately address issues within your department.

Preview the Virtual Smoke Symposium.

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