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FDIC Promotion

  Every year the Coalition offers a “special” rate membership during FDIC.  This year the focus is on fire departments. In the last year, Coalition instructors have trained firefighters from over 1,200 departments.  Feedback from nearly every firefighter has been their “entire” department needs the training.This year during FDIC, you can purchase a fire department [...]

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Anatomy of Fire Smoke Message from Instructors

As the Coalition ends this year, instructors have a very straight-forward, logical message for you about fire smoke.  A New Year’s gift for all first responders.  Take just a few minutes, if not for yourself, your family, and watch this video . Make it a safe and healthy year – WEAR YOUR AIR & USE [...]

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Australian Firefighter Health Study

New research! More research for departments.  In 2011, Monash was commissioned by the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) to carry out a national retrospective study of firefighters’ mortality and cancer incidence known as the Australian Firefighters’ Health Study. This study was prompted, in part, by the results of several overseas studies which had [...]

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2014/2015- “Know Your Smoke”

“Know Your Smoke:  The Dangers of Fire Smoke Exposure” open for registration at the following venues: February 27, 2015; Savannah, GA February 28, 2015; Fayetteville, NC;  Register March 7, 2015; Sissonville (West Virginia);  Register April 18, 2015; Indianapolis, IN; Register May 15, 2015; Illinois Fire Services Institute;  Register May 18-24, 2015;  Tarrant County College; Register May 16, 2015; Cincinnati Fire Academy; Register June [...]

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