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Four Departments Share Cost of Cyanokit and Save a Life

Dix Hills, NY:  A 70 year old man involved in a house fire in Dix Hills, NY was saved from smoke inhalation because a Cyanokit was administered. The chief said because one dose is expensive– costing $850 — four departments came together to split the cost.  Those departments were Dix Hills, Commack, East Northport and Greenlawn. [...]

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Fort Collins and Phoenix Wrap-Up

The Coalition presented “Know Your Smoke” in Fort Collins and Phoenix in February.   According to those who attend this training, it is “life-changing” and “life-saving.”  Here are a few of the highlights. Phoenix Fire Department – Special Operations Center During the burn smoke practical session, a 5-gallon lid was heated.  As you will see [...]

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“Know Your Smoke” – West Virginia

Coalition instructors recently presented “Know Your Smoke:  Dangers of Fire Smoke Exposure” for the Sissonville Fire & Rescue School annual training symposium.  Thomas Miller, organized and attended the program.   Please view his thoughts about the training and content if you have any question about whether to attend the program.

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“Know Your Smoke” Training Sessions

“Know Your Smoke:  The Dangers of Fire Smoke Exposure” open for registration at the following venues: May 15, 2015; Illinois Fire Services Institute;  Register May 18-24, 2015;  Tarrant County College; Register May 16, 2015; Cincinnati Fire Academy; Register June 5, 2015; Yonkers, NY;   Register June 6, 2015; Dutchess County, NY;  Register July 18, 2015; Darlington, MD; Register July 19, 2015; [...]

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