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Looking for 2015 “Know Your Smoke” Venue Hosts

The Coalition is currently scheduling 2015 venues for  Know Your Smoke:   Dangers of Fire Smoke Exposure.  Instructors are targeting select areas that can accommodate a regional audience of at least 75-100 participants in the following states:  Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina and California.  Months available include February, September, October and November. The venue [...]

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Chesterfield Fire & EMS

Rick Edinger, Chesterfield Fire & EMS, shared the following document, which is the basis for change in fireground operations as a result of its acceptance of fire smoke toxicity and the hazard it has on firefighters.  Please take a moment to read and share with your department. Chesterfield Fire & EMS

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Virginia Beach Fire/EMS Roll-Out Cyanokit

Captain Joshua S. Xenakis, Virginia Beach Fire Department, reports that the department and its collaborating EMS agency are now carrying the Cyanokit for treatment of civilians and firefighters.  Read his report .  

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2014 – “Know Your Smoke”

“Know Your Smoke:  The Dangers of Fire Smoke Exposure” free, one-day training session will be held in the following locations through April, 2014. October 10, 2014; Tulsa, OK; Register October 12, 2014; Baton Rouge, LA; Register October 24, 2014; Boston, MA; Register November 7, 2014; Tuskegee, AL; Register November 9, 2014; Branson, MO; Register

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